5 ice cubes in a cup filled with water

1 serve of Vanilla Nutrition Shake (note – NOT Protein shake)

1 orange

1 carrot

¼ tsp of ground ginger

Whizz it up.  Drink.  Easy right?

So why do these ingredients make it a really good immunity booster shake? 

The Orange. Most of us will know that oranges have vitamin C in them and what vitamin C does is protects your cells and promotes production and function of your immune cells. 

The Carrot.  It has antioxidants in it and we know that antioxidants help our bodies fight free radicals which will help to prevent cell damage and inflammation so there’s a really good reason to have lots of antioxidants in your diet, especially if you’re choosing to consume things that aren’t so great for your body, really try and boost those antioxidants. Sometimes instead of trying to cut everything out when you start making healthy changes, maybe we focus on what we need to add in to our nutrition plan. 

The Ginger.  It has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has Vitamin B6 which helps the body to store energy from proteins and carbs, as well as to help the body form hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the substance in your red blood cells that helps to carry oxygen around your body. Ginger also has magnesium and manganese.  Manganese aids metabolism which helps to regulate blood sugar. It also helps to decrease inflammation, and also helps to reduce period cramps.  So if you’re someone that experiences cramps maybe try adding some ginger into your diet and see how that goes. 

Fun fact about magnesium I learned from Dr Libby – When your body is under stress, and you’re producing the stress hormones, it takes a couple of units of B vitamins, and magnesium, to create those stress hormones. So unless you’re going to work on reducing the cause of the stress it’s virtually pointless to take a magnesium supplement because, really, all you’re going to be doing is helping your body to create more stress hormone. 

It’s really a good idea to figure out what’s causing the stress and how you might be able to eliminate that. Engage in stress reducing activities like meditation, deep breathing, legs up the wall… Just take time for yourself, go for a walk, all the sort of stuff that we know is good for reducing stress.

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Remember, let’s not wait until the bad stuff happens, non communicable diseases are largely preventable and YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Sickness is largely avoidable if we at least give our bodies what they need and fuel them with things that keep them operating as the lean mean survival machines that they are. Part of that is helping our immune systems play the role their supposed to. They can’t do that properly if our bodies don’t get everything they need each and every day.

Love yourself, look after yourself, and be a good role model for your friends, family and community.

Have an awesome day.


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