Over the last 7 years I have made this observation – so many of us want to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, feel better.  Be healthy!!

I have also observed that we aren’t really prepared to make the necessary changes in order to get that.  We want it yesterday and we want it easy.  And we want to be able to do it without having to make too many changes.  We try it for 5 minutes and it doesn’t work quick enough so we give up.

Or we stick to it but once the “diet” or “challenge” is over we go back to doing what we were doing before and then it all comes piling back on and we feel like crap again.

Or we stick to it, we’re consistent, and do everything we are supposed to but even though we feel better within ourselves we don’t lose weight and decide it’s not working.  And instead of digging deeper to find out what the blockage is in our bodies, we go back to doing what we were doing and feel like crap again.  Or try medication.

But if we want amazing health and energy, to enjoy each day, these old patterns are NOT going to work. 

There needs to be a massive collective mind set shift.

Our bodies simply are not designed to digest a lot of the crap we consume.  And after years of trying to tell us that, our bodies speak louder by giving us heart disease, cancer, strokes, auto immune diseases. 

The majority of non communicable diseases are largely preventable because they are associated with our nutrition choices.

It’s really simple – whole and real foods.  As Dr Libby says “Mother Nature gets it right!” 

I’ve had many clients try using the nutrition shakes but they want a magic pill.  They aren’t prepared to make the necessary changes in lifestyle, or worse they leave them sitting in the cupboard.  I’ll let you in on a secret – they don’t work when they are sitting in your cupboard.

Here’s another secret – the shakes aren’t magic.  They are a tool to be used as part of an overall strategy of creating a habitual healthy active lifestyle.

It’s like spending 2 hours at the gym and then going to Maccas and undoing all the good work because you got a little sweaty and think you’ve “earned” it.  The gym is a great tool but it’s only as effective as the other changes you make alongside it.


Now, I know I said that the shakes aren’t magic but often, when we use them properly, they feel magic.  We have more energy, the weight for many seems to slip off, we sleep better. 


Because as much as we eat whole and real foods the sad reality is that our foods are deficient in several nutrients. The shakes and multivitamin can leave us assured that our bodies are getting what they need on a daily basis.  However, we don’t live on shakes alone, they are there to SUPPORT good whole and real food eating.

The difference in how one feels when adding in the shakes as part of one’s health and wellness journey is very noticeable.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself, see what happens for you in just 7 days with our low cost trial on the 7 Day Eat Clean Challenge.

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