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Nutrition Support in Wellington, Lower Hutt and New Zealand Wide!

We live by a philosophy of 20% exercise, 80% nutrition, and 100% mindset.  All three are important in living a healthy active lifestyle but there are a lot of misconceptions and a lack of self belief that get in the way.  People think it’s too hard, too expensive or just don’t really know what to do or how to put their food together to get the results they want.

Why I Can Help You

Because I’ve been there, made the changes, and got results.  And I’ve stuck to it since 2014.  I feel fit, strong and capable of getting so much more out of my day.

​Eating healthy and being active is easy.  ​It is our mind set that can be the hard part and that’s where I come in.  Sometimes we all just need that little bit of extra support to get where we want to go.

Knowledge is a huge component.  When you understand how YOUR body works it’s easier to make the choices that will serve you.  As a lifelong learner, I’m always eager to share what I learn from trusted sources.  If the basic plan is not working for you we delve deeper and start playing detective to figure out what might be going on that might be blocking your body from being able to lose weight.  That is why the main focus SHOULD be health NOT weight loss.  Love and nourish your body.  We are all worth it.

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