• Weight loss and nutrition Lower hutt

    I’d gained a few kilos that I just couldn’t seem to shift even though I was active and eating what I thought was a healthy diet. I started attending a free Fit Club when I went back to work full time, adamant that all I needed to do was eat healthy and exercise. 6 months later I had gained 2 kilos of fat and people all around me were getting massive results. Reluctantly and sceptically, in August 2014 I decided to try the shakes, knowing it wouldn’t possibly work for me.

    10 weeks later, and 7kg* down I was convinced. Massive energy shift, moods much better, wasn’t yawning at my daughter’s swimming lessons. I found that the good nutrition helped me feel less stressful and in conjunction with personal development I was able to cope with a really stressful couple of years that unfortunately came my way, a lot better than I would have previously done.

    ​*Results not typical, individual results may vary*

    ​​In January 2017 I completed an 840km charity bike ride and my during the ride and recovery afterwards was so much better than if I hadn’t been using nutrition support. I did the ride again in February 2017 and I’m set to do the ride again in January 2020.

    Helen Jackson
    Weight Loss Story and Improved Energy & Moods Story
  • Muscle Gain and fitness Lower Hutt

    Almost 5 years ago now I was in struggle town recovering after a serious motorcycle crash in 2009 nearly sent me upstairs.

    At 27 years old I was sleeping 13hrs a day, putting on body fat until I reached 73kg and had serious joint problems, amongst other things.

    I started my nutrition program in 2012, dropped 10kg of body fat and put on 2kg of muscle. My energy returned and I got my life back!

    I went on to put on 8kg of muscle and maintain 8% body fat for 2 years with ease.

    During my latest adventure, a bike ride from Torquay to Adelaide I got down to 5% body fat and gained 3kg of muscle!

    I am now at 32 years old, the fittest, strongest, healthiest and most active I’ve ever been despite still having plates and screws in me.
    ​***Results not typical, individual results may vary***

    Chris Hall
    Muscle Gain and Wellbeing Story
  • Weight Loss Mindset Lower hutt

    When was 21 I was at my heaviest of 116kgs and I wasn’t a very nice person to be around. I was fake positive and negative minded and knew that something had to change.

    After contacting a girl I worked with on Facebook I ordered my nutrition program and the rest just unfolded! I lost 50kgs and then decided I was crazy enough to do a bike ride from Melbourne to Adelaide! It’s not just the physical change because that just happens but the beautiful mindset that follows.

    ​I started doing personal development and surrounding myself with people who lift me higher. Since doing the ride I have noticed another big mental shift and I can’t wait to see the person I’ll grow into over the next 12 months and for the rest of my life.

    ​Now on my second round of weight loss I can’t wait to see the results and to work on being a fitter, stronger and more bad ass cyclist

    Weight Loss and Change of Mind Set Story
  • Improved health and weight loss

    “Before I started my nutrition program I was around 125kg, I had a low self esteem, suffered from depression, and had type 2 diabetes.

    Today I have lost over 30kgs, my diabetes has more or less gone, my self esteem and depression is so must better.”

    Ross also took part in the charity ride from Melbourne to Adelaide as part of the Support Crew and did a fantastic job at encouraging and motivating the riders.

    You would never have guessed that in the past he had low self esteem or depression.

    Thank you for your support Ross.

    ***Results not typical, individual results may vary***

    Ross Hawthorn
    Weight Loss and Improved Health Story
  • Weight Loss help Lower Hutt

    Before I started on my nutrition program I was really overweight, VERY depressed, had no energy at ALL trying to do my job as a furniture remover and could hardly breath let alone do my job!
    I had tried a lot of different ways to lose weight including the gym and diets with NO sustainable health results.

    I was 114kg when I started and after 2 days I had an amazing amount of energy which hit the roof and was running 50-70 hours a week doing my job. I dropped 12kg and 46cm in 6 week challenge came 3rd out of 115 people then came 1st in a 10 day cleanse challenge dropped 15cm round my waist and another challenge came 3rd in that 1!!!

    Im down a WHOPPING 31.1kg and 75cm of body fat gone for life and feel amazing everyday with sustainable health 24/7 and don’t know where I would be without it!!!

    ***Results not typical, individual results may vary***

    Trevor Potter
    Weight Loss and Increased Energy Story