Nutrition Support Programs

Healthy Living Lower Hutt

Support your whole real food eating with top quality nutrition shakes and supplements.  With continued support from your coach, implement a personalized program designed around your goals (and budget) from reaching a healthy weight to improving your energy levels to optimizing your sports performance. 

Coaching is included and we set you up for your 90 Day program with a Wellness Evaluation and Goal Setting session.


What’s included in the 5 Day trial?

At home (just $37)
  • 6 x serves of nutrition shake powder
  • 9 serves of energizing herbal beverage
  • Recipes ideas
  • 3 Support Calls
  • 1 x Wellness Evaluation
  • 1 Post Trial Conversation
At Smoothie Club (just $75 Monday – Friday)
  • 5 x Wellness Smoothies
  • 5 x Energizing Cleanse Teas (made with energizing herbal beverage and delicious flavored aloe for gut health)
  • 2 x Tanita Body Scans
  • 1 x Wellness Evaluation
  • 1 x Post Trial Conversation


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